How do you do 20s curls? – 1920 Black Flapper Dress

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Here’s how. For a 20-rep set on the front squat bench press, pull all the way down to your elbows and keep the scapula up as you lift. Pull each repetition back up to about your elbows and stand up. This will help establish that stretch reflex in your hands because the elbows should be fully extended. Once you’re done, try to go through the whole set again, only this time go as strong or harder on the second rep, keeping the elbows as extended as possible. Do three sets of 20 reps. Do 25 reps. Do 30 reps. And so on. This will get your 20-rep sets down to an easy one or two reps.

One more important tip: Use this routine for your pre-hab routines. You can use this same technique during those workouts, or you can do a series of sets that work for an entire workout. For example, say you do 25 back exercises and 15 back extensions. That’s 20 reps for the front squat exercise, 10 reps for each of the two back exercises, and four reps, including back extensions, for the back exercises.

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Do your sets in 5 min. increments.

Don’t do a repetition with the weight you’re doing it with. That sets you up for a bad rep, and makes you feel like you’re not getting much effort out of it. Instead, work with weight that feels light like 40% or so.

Don’t use an eccentrically-barbell movement. The best way to do these things is with a machine or with dumbbells.

Do the reps as quickly as you can, but not more than about 10 seconds of rest.

Do them slowly.

Don’t go over 80% of that weight; just 85%.

Don’t overwork your legs, back, abs, or glutes.

Don’t use resistance bands in a row.

Don’t use straps.

Don’t overwork the upper deltoids or the quads.

Keep the rest periods pretty similar, around 15 seconds or so for your back lifts; and, don’t use a break for a set, either.

Take care of yourself, though! Eat something (usually vegetables) at rest or near your workout. Use a walking/jogging/running/skating/bicycling/motorcycle/vehicle (including a bike and an SUV) as part of your day (see this, by the

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