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November 15, 2020 0 Comments

Bicep curls. If you do 10s curls, then that is 20s curls. I will probably do 1-2 sets of curls daily.

Bicep curls are great curls to do for your shoulder as it gives you all the benefits of heavy dumbbell curls, but in a more manageable form. Just like heavy dumbbell curls, you go low reps and you use heavy weight.

There are a couple of different variations you can do. The first is high-rep curls. You can do this with a cable machine – you do not need anything else.

The second is a regular high-rep bodybuilding workout. That will get you to 8 or 9 reps (it’s all in the weight). The last one is a high-rep bodybuilding set. That you need to do one set with as many weights as you can.

Bicep Curls for Your Chest

The first part of this article has been about the curls. These are a great way to strengthen your chest. When you do heavy dumbbell curls, your chest will benefit the most. Your shoulders will benefit a little bit. The neck will benefit only just a little bit.

But you also need to train your midsection. You can’t skip working your quads and glutes.

If you are going to work your abs then you need to target your triceps. For that type of work, you need more sets of curls. You can do 25 reps for chest alone or 35, or even 40. But for these type of exercises, we will do a higher rep range, for both the chest and midsection.

So when you do 30s of curls, you end up with a total of 60 sets (60 rep sets).

If you start out at 40 and work your way up to a low of 45, then you can work a total of 120-120 sets. You can get to as many as 120 sets when you use high reps.

To use them, you can do 6-8 sets per exercise.

Once you get these sets in it’s a matter of doing a single exercise, but I will give you a few exercises to do after you do it.

Bicep curls. Here’s another good one. You do 3 sets. Start off light, get 2 sets, and then you go up to 4. You do 5 sets.

After you can do 3-4 sets for each,

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