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I usually do the waves with a handheld vibrator. It’s super fun; they’re actually harder to control than with a vibrator because they have to go in much more. And when my fingers are in them, they get really intense. They go up in the air, and I can feel that every second. It can feel more intense and intense than the wave itself. But they’re a pretty intense way to learn how to wave long hair. They’re also a great way to practice your movements in the waves (and that way, the waves should be easier to control).

How do you see the Waveform in action?

You can definitely see how waves work by looking at other people who do waves. They’ve used similar movements to train themselves. Most waves are about one-sixth the length of my hair, but people who do them can have them up to six times as long. When I do them, I feel like I’m pushing out the hair, which is pretty cool. Plus, they look cool.

Do you like to play games like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Little Big Planet after you’ve done these waves?

I’ve done it for my boyfriend’s birthday and since. Sometimes, I’ll even let him have some of them to enjoy and sometimes, he’ll do them all on his own. And his reactions have ranged from: “Oh, cool! Let’s just do a wave” to “Oh! It’s so long…” I can get really creative and just make waves for him.

Do you have any other projects you would like to share with us?

That’s always what we get asked about, that I haven’t already. I want to go back and do other projects to practice and learn how to do them. I have a lot of ideas I want to learn how to do. I have a few ideas about how to get people to do their waves better, and I want to do other things with it.

My main dream is to find a way for people to see that waveforms are just like other forms of art, which has always been really inspiring. I think it’s a really important medium for us to study, and it also gives people the ability to express themselves, whether they want to or not, through their art.

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