How do you do flapper girls hair? – Blue Flapper Dress Costume

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How do you do her eyes? Do you even know how to do her hair? No? Okay… I will teach you. This is going to take you a good few minutes, but what if you do the work and the rest of her family has a good sense of humor? What if all we did was make her laugh? Then I suppose the most important lesson that this exercise can teach you would be the following: Flapper girls are people, just like anyone else.”

“Ohhh,” I replied, “I did a little research a few years ago.”

“Yes, you did. You were researching the Flapper girls, you know, in the ’40s and’ ’50s. And you found out that the Flappers are very short-haired. So if you are a flapper and if you cut your hair like I tell you to do, you can be a great flapper too!”

“That’s the best news I have heard all week!”

And with that we were laughing. I walked back to my desk, took off my makeup with my fingers and started to feel myself in the mirror. I let out a sigh of relief while the realization hit me. This was the truth. I had been pretending to be a girl, for the past seven years, and when it was all over… well, I guess they were going to be sad about it.

“You know, you are looking amazing this morning,” a voice said behind me. A little boy.

“Yeah, I’m just glad you noticed,” I replied.

The boy said nothing else and walked to the corner of the room and put his head in his hands. I walked to my chair and picked up a pencil and took a look at myself in the mirror. Wow, was it so good of her to just tell me all this. Oh my gosh! I looked so gorgeous, but I was so short! It was like I was wearing my hair pulled way back… I mean, my eyebrows were really long too, but that was normal. I tried to brush the hair out of my eyes as best I could, but… “Damn it… my eyes are bad today. I never noticed they had gotten darker, but I’ll just hope I look a little less like myself on the first day.” I looked back and forth between myself and the camera, trying to keep an eye on the little boy waiting for me in the corner.

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