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I love this hairstyle, but it can be difficult to keep straight when you’ve got hair. That’s why I’ve made this tutorial for keeping your beautiful, flippin’ hair straight at all times! I love the feeling of a little curl. You just know when you’re about to pull it, your hair’s going to look fantastic!

“They have tried for years to bring him to justice and they will find a way. But he will not be brought to justice. All I am saying is, that when people are being mistreated and humiliated, that they should stand up and say, ‘Listen. This is not right. I know a real man who would not be guilty of these kinds of things,'”

Vintage Pearl: The Look - 1920s Makeup
Watching her husband’s interrogation was disturbing to both Shana and her family. “You could tell that when he was talking to detectives they weren’t going easy on him,” one of his lawyers said. Shana was also troubled by the way the case was spun, particularly by her husband’s claim that the case was set for acquittal because it was, as he put it in an interview with a local paper in 2014:

An innocent man, and maybe the only person who knows anything about the case, was treated as some kind of a monster. As a woman of a certain age, I can’t help but feel for those who were bullied by this particular criminal. It was clear to me what I’m hearing here, and it’s not something we’ve ever seen in the county justice system, let alone a police investigation. It was something else, something in her brain in which she felt that the whole world would love her and think she was crazy who hurt him. It’s pretty frightening to me.

The investigation was concluded in August, but the arrest remains under investigation.


After more than 18 months of work, Austin City Council unanimously passed a new ordinance to regulate Uber, Lyft and other ride-sharing companies that don’t have their own vehicles. The council also passed a bill that would require Austin police to have access to information from ride-share companies and would require drivers to carry insurance. Drivers who violate the new rules could be fined up to $200.

The vote on the new ordinance was a bit more contentious, with some council members claiming that it wouldn’t do enough. Others argued that the ordinance makes

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