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I mean, that’s the coolest part. [laughs]

Well, when I first saw it, I said: “Oh my God, that’s so hard to do, the hair on that girl’s face.” Then I started thinking about it and it just seemed to make all the sense in the world. It’s just so unique to all of us. I didn’t want to look like that, so I really wanted to have an eye for detail with my hair and get it in and out in the perfect proportions and things like that.

I was very lucky in that they had a great stylist, but I thought it was a bit extreme. He had to have really good hands. We’d go to his studio in the city of Nanyang, where my head was shaved down and his were just huge. He could always make me look great but that was just a part of being a flapper girl, being young and young. And then when I actually showed up to put on my hair, I realized how incredible it was to see my hair and hear a big, beautiful voice. I thought, “This is going to be something special.”

You do a lot of modeling, but do you prefer it over acting or standup comedy?

I like all three genres perfectly together. I still think the acting is all about the artistry and acting has that with it, so I guess my preference would be standup comedy. I used to do standup comedy as a form of communication between friends. It’s really therapeutic, you know?

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The other thing I think about with acting is if I didn’t have a film career then I would have always been a writer. I was trying to make movies as a child on film and I’ve always felt it’s really important to write and create a personal work of art, but in addition to that have things that can’t be bought. If you put money in it, I could put money into my life.

So acting allows you to have a connection to whatever I’m doing, whereas writing allows you to really be a part of something that has a particular resonance to you as if you don’t know it beforehand. It’s also very important to make sure to make your performance not only believable, but also to have this connection to it or to the people who are watching it. You have to be able to walk away from it and still relate to it and love it and go, “Wow, I do know him now.

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