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September 2, 2020 0 Comments

It’s actually a fairly straightforward question: It depends on what size your toilet is. For example, a regular size toilet flapper will probably cost between US$10 to US$40, while a premium size toilet flapper can cost as much as US$100.

Also, make sure you buy toilet flappers that you can attach. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself sitting on toilets until your knees go numb or you get stuck.

3. How much does a washing machine cost? Another simple question: If you’re not a fan of a washing machine, don’t bother. A basic one could be US$50 to US$100, or even more depending on the model.

4. How much does a television cost? Again, simple, but TV sets with built-in DVD players and/or satellite receivers can be pricey. A standard one costs between US$10 and US$15, and if you’re a big TV fan you can spend even more.
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5. How much does a computer cost? You might want a full-fledged computer, but it’s probably best to start by buying a laptop, which comes in all sizes from small laptops like the $20 HP Envy 13 to ultra-powerful desktops like the $2,999 Lenovo Y570 laptop.

6. How much does an iPhone cost? The answer is, of course, US$200 or more. That’s pretty high, but not so high that you can’t afford your own Apple smartphone. That’s the ultimate luxury item, and it also keeps you up to date with your mobile device and lets you control the software you use on it.

7. How much can you spend on a TV? The answer is pretty much just whatever you want to spend, but you should be aware of several things:

The basic price for a set-top box is US$25 or less, but these can be made to look very fancy for much less.

Some TV models come with cable or satellite subscriptions, but most just require an antenna on the back of the TV itself. For those that don’t require cable or satellite packages, you can also get a cable box for like $10.

If you’ve just got a cheap HDTV antenna, you can cut out a lot of the extra clutter on your TV by buying a set-top box instead. There’s a big difference in quality between set-top boxes and regular TV antennas, so choose carefully.


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