How much does a toilet flapper cost? – Flapper Dresses 1920S Description

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We were at the Punta del Este store and found it to cost $24 per week. As with the above prices, the best we could get was what is called a “peruse fee”(about a dollar). This is to reduce the total bill that is sent to the sewer system.

Why is there no place where they can get toilet flappers for $10?

In Uruguay many people cannot afford to buy toilet flappers. The flappers can easily cost up to $150 and that is a great deal. Our flapper collection and distribution centre accepts flappers at a $100 price. People are so poor that if they had the money, they wouldn’t have to use a service like the toilet flappers. They can now enjoy the services of flappers in the form of toilet flappers.

Can toilet flappers be used in private houses as well as the public toilet?

Yes. This is where things get tricky. There is a large section of Uruguay that is private and does not receive the services of the public toilet. They only get toilet flappers. They do not receive flappers for their private spaces.

Is a toilet flapper necessary in order to save the toilet?

No. If the toilet is not used, it is unlikely that any waste will be left over.

Is there a waste disposal system for toilets?

There is, but it is not very efficient since it is not a public facility. There is a large waste disposal area in South America that takes care of waste and trash and has public washrooms and toilets, but there is no waste disposal system for private toilets. The waste system in South America also has to deal with sewage runoff, so this is not very efficient either.

In Uruguay there can only be two toilet flappers. If one is used, the other one will be used soon after.

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Can you make flappers by hand? I am a crafter.

Yes you can! I have made flappers to send to Europe with an electric drill. We have made several flappers and they have flown across Africa and the Caribbean for the local charities. I have also made flappers to send to Uruguay for the Uruguay toilet workers. Please email your request to me at

Are there different sizes of toilet flappers?

There are 1-2 sizes of toilet flapper and they range from 1 1/2 cm

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