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What was the reason for the rejection of the old dress for early flappers? How important was it to keep a female voice? How did the women of a community express their opinions on the importance of the dress?

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The first in a series of articles detailing the history of the modernist art movement.

By Mark Siegel

The first modernist art masterpiece was a series of paintings by Édouard Manet, which the public knew as the L’Age dans l’Homme series, between 1865 and 1870. L’Age dans l’Homme, which is rendered entirely in watercolours, was one of Manet’s most celebrated works and has been studied by historians for most of the twentieth century.

The title for the series was based on Manet’s relationship with an eccentric French doctor: the doctor—in reality, M. Clément François Clément-Madame de L’Homme (1848-1905)—suffered from a mental illness of which Clément was often afflicted, leading to his becoming the subject instead of Manet.

One of Manet’s most famous paintings, Le Voyage dans l’Homme, was published in 1871 and represents the narrator’s experience of the voyage on a boat that was later called the Titanic. It was one of Manet’s first post-modern paintings, reflecting the period in which the painter saw a new way of painting. It had no background in reality.

In contrast to his early works, Manet’s later works, such as the Portrait du Louvre and the The Sleeping Beauty series were not created entirely in watercolour. Many of the most significant pieces were painted using traditional watercolours. However, Manet continued to experiment with the traditional technique until 1911, when he made his masterworks, many of them post-modernist.

One of the most significant of him was the Nuit d’Orsay which Manet

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