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Many women in the 1920s wore jewelry as a form of fashion statement. Jewelry in the 1920s was not as tightly controlled as today’s fashion. It was not tied to any formality. You could buy an old necklacet or a lace necklace, put it over the top of your dress, and then change your dress every few months. Even if you were really fashion-conscious, there were some very common jewelry styles that came to be popular. You would see things like sparkly necklaces, or gold necklaces with gold plated stones and earrings. The jewelry in the 1920s was more like jewelry than it is today.

What were popular hairstyles in the 1920s?

Women looked the way they wanted to look throughout the 1920s. It was pretty much the same in any era. When people got married during these times, they didn’t want to change their hairstyles until the wedding came around. If they chose to wear traditional hairstyles, then that would not have been allowed.

What style of underwear were fashionable in the 1920s?

Frequently women wore thongs, panties, or even a full-on costume skirt. When they were ready to get a man to sleep with them, some women would wear the bra they wanted to wear. When it came to underwear, you would see a wide variety of styles. There was an era when women went topless, and I believe the first time women went topless was at a carnaval.

How many women in the 1920s had jobs outside of work?

There were many women who were paid jobs outside of work during this time. Some of these were maids, waitresses, and nurses.

What type of clothing did these women wear? Was it more formal or conservative?

These women wore dresses and gowns for events and parties when their men weren’t around. They were not as interested in their bodies as men, so this was an extremely safe and comfortable area where women would take off their clothes. I remember seeing women in skirts and even dresses who would walk down streets in the heat and wet weather.

How were men dressed in the 1920s?

At the time these men were young and athletic. They would wear athletic style clothes and would not wear the “girlish” things that were common today for women. In all honesty, young men of the 1920s wore more masculine, athletic styles of clothing than what we

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