What are 5 words to describe a flapper? – Vintage Flapper Dresses 1920S Photos Colorized Solar

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Flapper is one of those words which could be thought of as a combination of flapper, flapper, and flapper. It’s really short. It’s like this: Flapper.

A FLAPPER is where you cut or twist the ends of your wig.

The word is derived from flappers’ hats which were worn around the necks, and the wig was held in place so it wasn’t cut. This became the practice of wearing your hat with your wig in order to make it less visible and less distracting.

So we have flappers, and the word flapper is derived from that practice.


Flapper fashions are fashion in which a woman in a flapper-inspired dress and hairstyle is usually seen and recognized but does not typically require a high status.

There is a lot of emphasis given to how the wearer’s dress looks and feel like a traditional woman, such as the way their hair and makeup are styled.

A FLAPPER FEMININE FASHION is just that, a fashions.

It is also sometimes called a glamour style, and is a form of fashion not typically associated with women. Flapper Fashions are generally worn by men but can be worn by women if they are a little daring.

So Flapper Fashions can be considered as fashionable FASHIONS BUT not necessarily FEMININE FASHION.

The Flapper Fashions are generally worn by men but can also be worn by women.

Sometimes in a Flapper Fashions, women wear their hair in a pony tail or even up in a braid style style, and this shows they may want to take more of a role in their appearance and personality. But it’s still a FASHIONS which also has a lot of emphasis on style.


SOLO is when a person has a lot of things. They are very self-reliant people who can survive very well without a lot of their life’s possessions.

SOLO people are sometimes considered as the classic “survivor” type. They are someone who is able to accomplish a certain number of things without anything at all in the way of money and without even having the ability to have their own money.

In the modern world, with our economy based around cash, many of us may

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