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White/tan/green was the general color of color for adults in the 1920’s. Red and gold also were popular (it was more common to wear red shirts with gold ties)

What was the “standard” school uniform?

White shirts with white ties with gray school socks. Kids wore black school shoes. Black tie was often worn with red and gold ties for boys and red and gold ties for girls.

What was an older brother wearing?

Black ties with brown neckties for older brothers. (Brown ties were still more common for girls, too.)

When were black ties popular with kids?


What’s the color of the school logo that is on these ties?

Very dark black. It’s very worn/dark brown.

Why are there two rings on the right hand side of the tie?

The front band is just a small square/lozenge. To hold the tie closed. No other ties in today’s school have that.

What size were ties used?

For shorter ties the tie was a little longer than for more formal ties.

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What did the tie look like to the kids?

The children thought it was beautiful. It had a very deep and rich color. I don’t think those kids had the same opinion today as they do today.

What’s the origin of the tie and color (also, did you ever wear a tie with green eyes? What color is the school name in the school map on the wall? Do you wear a tie on the field trip at home?)

What were the school colors?

Orange and green.

How do the teachers refer to each other and the class?

They would say, “Mr. (blank) (or Ms. (blank)).” They’d say “Honey (blank) (or Ms. (blank)).”

In the 1930s, what were your favorite lunch items? I recall they used to take the student lunch out on Christmas Day.

We went crazy about that lunch. We would get something new each time.

You would get different foods and different styles of soup. If I recall, they used to get chicken noodle soup instead of chicken soup.

What food do you eat as a kid?

I ate whatever you cooked for me.

What is the oldest school you went to in your country?


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