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Here were some great options for your Christmas tree.

Black or white?

This was the one question all the young kids asked me. The answer was simple. Black was the color of the future, so black was the best choice.

If a black or white Christmas tree is available in the garage, I would highly recommend one or even both of the following. Black is a timeless color, as is black. I chose white, as some people like the look of white and black.

If both trees are available, I would suggest choosing the black one and having your neighbors and friends choose the white one.

Christmas trees nowadays are white with a green tint, but the first thing that should come to mind is blue. Blue is your color for the new year.

You would also like Christmas trees with green, orange or red. You can add red and yellow with green and red together.

What color is your birthday tree?

My birthday, when I was 2 ½ years old, coincided with my first Christmas season. The first Christmas tree I bought was blue with green lights, red and blue.

Since that was my first Christmas tree, I felt like a lucky girl to have all the red, blue and green Christmas trees around that time. Then, in 1989, when my birthday was two years later, I got a birthday tree with more red and blue on it. That was really an awesome Christmas tree, and now I’m so happy. I’m not afraid my kids will look forward to it.

This year I decided to look for another color for my birthday tree. I chose orange and red, which I felt would look spectacular with purple and silver.

Which color is your favorite Christmas tree to decorate?
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When I was 12, I was introduced to the “Foolin’ Dots” holiday theme. These are brightly colored Christmas decorations. I still remember all the joy I felt in decorating a birthday tree with these colorful decorations.

Christmas trees with the “Foolin’ Dots” decoration are the most popular in Europe. Many Europeans are fans of them because of their creative look.

How can you add more color to your Christmas tree?

Christmas trees are made to make our day special, so you might add some holiday decorations to your tree.

I recommend adding the following for your party.

You can also add some fun toys and games for the kids. Add something fun to

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