What colors were popular in the 1980’s? – 20S Flapper Dress Costume

October 12, 2020 0 Comments

Here are the top 25 colors of choice:

25. Red

24. Green

23. Blue

22. Yellow

21. Pink

20. Purple

19. Light Green

18. Light Purple

17. Orange

16. Blue

15. Black

14. Orange

13. Gray

12. Blue

11. Red

10. Pink (Pink/Cocoa)

9. Light Purple

8. Light Orange

7. Dark Bluish Gray

6. Light Gray (Black)

5. Blue/Gray (Gray)

4. Yellow

3. Pink

2. Brown

1. Lavender

There you have it!

“Do I want someone who cares about everyone in my family? No,” says Ronda Rousey’s manager Malki Kawa.

Rousey was at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, a big deal in Brazil (where she beat Liz Carmouche), and in a new interview is told she wants a manager who would do more for her than just her career. Kawa, who works with a large number of athletes, said Ronda has never had a clear idea of the person she really wanted, even though she did seek out her former agent, the legendary Michael Mersch.

“She was thinking about a male manager, but when she said this, the male manager she had in mind was a woman,” said Kawa, when asked if Rousey was trying to emulate Mersch, who had long been the agent for many other women in mixed martial arts. “I’m glad to have a man who wants her to reach her goals. She’s just waiting on the right person.”

The interviewer, Mersch, didn’t seem impressed by Kawa’s answer, adding, “I think she’s talking a really tall and skinny thing with a lot of big words. It’s true that she doesn’t have any ideas of what she really wants yet.”

Rousey (15-2) has had little difficulty with the “right person.” She had always worked through her coaches, and the new coach of the same name — who had worked with her for more than ten years before Mersch arrived — had been a close confidante of Amanda Nunes, but after Kawa took over things seemed to suddenly improve. Ronda was on a fast track to

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