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The color red played an important role in the 1980’s movie blockbuster film, Star Wars, and the classic 1980’s TV cartoon, The Jetsons.

This color in the 1980’s is also responsible for the first two seasons of “The Simpsons”, the cartoon series that started in 1987. The TV cartoon, The Simpsons, first aired in 1987, but that same year the first season was nominated for an Emmy┬« Award for Best Animated program.

What movies were popular in the 1980’s?

The 1980’s is typically known for movies like:

The Fast and the Furious


Star Wars

The Terminator

How long is the 1980’s?

The 1980’s began in the early 1980’s.

How is the 1980’s different than the 1990’s?

The original 1970’s movie “Spy Kids” introduced a world of computer graphics and computer-generated special effects in movies. Today, today’s movies, television shows, and comics and cartoons are all computer generated. There is little difference in the look of today’s movies compared to 1970’s movies like “Spy Kids.” The 1980’s have a very similar feel and feel of that world.

Where did the “80’s” word come from?

The term “1980’s” first appeared in the 1950’s.

Did you hear a certain movie or TV show back in 1979?

When the film Star Wars is released in 1979, the film’s title is “Star Wars.” Back then, we say, “Star Wars” means Star Wars. When “Star Wars” came out in 1981, we say, “Star Wars movie.” Back then, we used the word in the title of other movies as well.

Is the 1980’s still happening?

In 2016, the word is still being used. There is a movie “The Jungle Book,” the movie “Jumanji,” a cartoon for Nickelodeon, the movie “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” a TV series including several episodes on ABC Family, and even a children’s book based on the movie “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

Can you find references to the “80’s” in the 1970’s?

Yes, there were many movies in the 1970’s such as “The Fly,” “Tron,” “Trouble with the Curve,” and “The Jetsons.”

How do you look back at the “80’s?”

The 1980

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