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“What colors were popular in the 1980’s?” I got so involved with my children by then I couldn’t be in touch with them anymore, and it was such an overwhelming period to live through. It was just so overwhelming. [Laughs.] It wasn’t in my control. But I’m sure that was something that was there from early on. I’m sure that is part of what people were thinking.

I would’ve expected the color green to be in there but they’re more often orange.

I guess I don’t know why! I hope it was just the color or something. We were in the same city. It was a much smaller city than my hometown in North Carolina. But it got really big in the late ’80s. It had all sorts of different demographics, really. It definitely made sense at the time. It helped make the show feel less commercial and more personal and different. In terms of color, I mean, there were some really popular colors but I think it was mostly white.

Do you find yourself drawn to specific colors?

I think the characters have their own palette as well. Every one of our characters has their own color palate. We know that for the characters it makes sense because they’re trying to protect their own identity as people that they identify as, but also as a color. For instance, if you’re the leader of the group, you might find white easier to stand out but we know that in the world everyone else is white but what you’re trying to show as the leader that you belong is you’re white. You should be white and everyone else should just be black or orange or something to the same point. They all fit into the color palette. And then obviously, there was an element of symbolism, which some people might look at and see that there are different ways to represent colors but I find those elements to be part of the storytelling which makes the characters unique in that they’re representing some aspect of life that everybody has in their life in some way which also allows for that to come through in their colors because there’s not just one color to represent it in the series but rather you’ll have your own color in there and that’s a new way of expressing the theme. That’s what they were trying to do. It could be a symbolic thing or it could be something more organic because when you’re dealing with a family unit they tend to have a lot of personalities and personalities can get pretty diverse. I think the show is unique in that it

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