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November 21, 2020 0 Comments

For the answer, we need to go back to the 80s. A decade ago, everyone knew the color red. But just as there’s a lot of nostalgia for the 80 years of music, there’s also a lot of nostalgia for the 80 years of film, too.

“We’ve always thought those people would have seen the movie, and we were right,” Paul said. “They did, and we were right too.”

“The first movie on our list is very, very popular, the first one to star Richard Dreyfuss, as he was not a movie star at the time,” said Paul, who credits himself with bringing Dreyfuss to the screen. “But he is an iconic figure as a Hollywood figure, and I’m not sure that people had a sense of who he was back then.”

Paul noted: “Back then, a lot of the movies weren’t as well-known. Back then, the idea that you were seen as an actor and an actor wouldn’t do these movies in this way, that was sort of the opposite of today. It was more an approach that I took, like, ‘I’ll write a movie that will do this and it would be okay.'”

Now, Paul says, you can see why movie stars’ career paths can be wildly different — and for what’s good reason. Movies were supposed to be for adults — and then they were for kids — so they were set up that way. In today’s age of mobile video, where people can see films online and see how the filmmakers make them, audiences can see a movie without making it. And it’s easier for actors and actresses to be in a movie all the time.

“For the actors, [it’s] just part of who they are,” said Paul, and for actors, there are many more opportunities than they had a decade ago.

“A lot of them used to go on holiday just to go do their thing and play these odd jobs, and today, because there are so many studios, and there’s more and more opportunities,” he explained. “So they’re looking for a whole different kind of career path for themselves, and this can create some of the problems that are so prevalent now.”

The list of movies Paul mentions — “Lion,” “The Godfather” and “Gangs of New York” being obvious favorites — was chosen because they’re considered classic film noir, he noted. But even with that in

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