What colors were popular in the 70s? – Flapper Dress 1920S Great Gatsby

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Well, it’s definitely not all the same color choices as they are today. Many of the “traditional” colors, like orange, teal, and peach are now considered “girly,” and can now be found more popularly in men’s and women’s clothing for both women and men.

Many of the classic “cute” colors, like red, blue, and silver have a soft feminine quality to them. The popularity of red in clothing (as a color of choice to wear for weddings and other special occasions) really started to explode towards the end of the 60s (before the Internet and high school pop stars), and still continues to grow today in both a male- and female-oriented fashion.

What does this mean for today’s teens?

While it’s true that girls and boys tend to dress differently, and that’s true for all age groups, teens and young adults will still often opt for “traditional” colors, like pink and blue. But we’re finding that today’s teens are looking to be unique and exciting, not just in colors, but also with how they feel. For example, many teens are interested in how clothes will feel in real life in real situations. For young adults, it’s about fashion being fun even if you’re struggling financially.

These days, if you want to get “cool” or “fresh” without breaking the bank and going too far out of your comfort zone, wear colors that are not a reflection of your skin tone. For instance, you can mix and match to look good from head to toe, whether you have pale skin, a pinky-brown complexion, or just a tad darker skin tone. Remember color that stands out in the sunlight!

How do teens get excited about fashion?

I know I have seen it all.

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Teen girls love to dress up – and they are excited about it to an unhealthy degree!

They are looking for clothes to wear that give them a sense of freedom and confidence.

In short, they like to be dressed up so they can be the “cool and edgy” person that everyone loves them to be.

What’s that about “cool and edgy”?

When teens dress up, it means taking risks and going out into the world with their friends. As teens get older, they’re feeling more comfortable in their own skin. Plus, being a popular teenager will lead them to be in great positions to help kids and adults

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