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The National Republican Senatorial Committee has sent several letters to Iowa residents in recent days asking them to help the GOP raise a record amount of money in September, according to the Des Moines Register, which obtained a copy of the letters and a copy of one request.

In a letter sent to Iowa residents, NRSC Vice Chairman Al Cardenas asks them to donate “either through credit, debit, electronic check, direct cash or a combination of the two.”

He wrote:

We were delighted to receive your letter of September 6th asking for your donation. We are pleased that you continue to be among the most successful Republican candidates running for national office, demonstrating your dedication to the issues and your commitment to the voters who have elected you. We appreciate your support for Senator John McCain, Representative Tom Latham and Congressman Richard Burr and their work to pass health-care reform and raise the debt ceiling. We ask both local candidates and the NRSC to help them continue on this path to victory.

Cardenas went on to say that the NRSC is “extremely grateful for your support of them”.

The NRSC sent the following letter to those who donate to the Senate GOP here.

September 8, 2010: Republican Senators in Iowa ask Iowa voters to help the Republican Senate campaign fund in September.

Dear Iowa residents, Today, we are asking you to help Senator John McCain and Senator Tom Latham succeed this year. If you are able to make a small donation of $10 or more by credit card or ATM card, or you are able to contribute a check, direct deposit, cash, or a combination of the two options, please use this envelope (below). If you prefer the Internet, simply send an email to john. McCain. IA [redacted] [redacted]

Iowa Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin has not yet decided whether he will accept the NRSC’s call for donations, the Register notes, but a spokesperson told the Register: “Senator Harkin was not informed about the NRSC’s solicitation. While I’m hopeful the Senator would consider it, I have not received a request from the NRSC to accept any contribution.”

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