What colors were popular in the 70s? – Flapper Dress Plus Size

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Black: #2 (1.5)

White: #7 (1.8)

Green: #5 (2.5)

Yellow: #5 (2.5)

Purple: #5 (2.5)

Red: #10 (2.5)

Pink: #1 (0.5)

Red Green: #5 (2.5)

Blue: #0 (0.5)

As you can see that the trend in 1980s fashion is pretty much the same as the trend in 1980s fashion in 1970s. Of course, a lot of this change has nothing to do with fashion but was made to reflect the times.

Another important trend in the 80s would be the change from wearing heels to wearing flats. The big trend in the 80s was in the “chickenloops” and “leggings”.

A lot of guys began to wear chickenloops and then leggings with “flats” like the ones you can see in the picture. These days most guys tend to do a lot of different things without having to rely on leggings as an accessory.

But you would not be mistaken in thinking that the guys that wear flip flops these days are the most interesting looking guys in the world!

Now let’s talk about 80s style in general. I know the 80s are called the Age of Love and yet, what changed in 80s men’s fashion? Many things did!

Cotton: The first thing that changed was cotton clothes. Cotton clothing is the most fashionable thing ever to be seen out of a dresser now! Cotton was an important part of the 80s’ fashion and it still remains today!

The 80s also showed a big change in how men looked when they wore clothing. Men no longer had to resort to wigs and make-up. Men used to need to look the same every day for a job.

Many of the 80s’ men also started getting their nails done. I think it is pretty obvious that this new nail trend, not to mention men’s nail polishes, had a huge impact on the 80s fashion scene.

I love the look of women who look like they could eat a horse, but instead they get their nails done. What a difference it makes.

You could wear a cotton suit or a denim shirt, but no one would

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