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(I’m sorry, I’ve never understood why these women needed to have so much makeup).

Ladies of Hollywood in the 1920s are known for their glamorous looks.

The women in this movie look the way they are supposed to on the silver screen, but they are just as natural looking as today’s women.

Ladies Wear is definitely one of the most romantic movies to have come along since 1922.

What about the 1950s?

This is where things start to get tricky and the movie is more “Americanized” than it used to be.

Here, you have a woman whose job is to dress up as Lady Luck, but it is an illusion created by “chic” American actress Florence Foster Jenkins.

And by “chic”, I mean a tight skirt that shows off her legs, and she is completely unaware of the fact that what she is performing is actually a fake.

You can tell right from the start that Lady Macbeth would say very little during interviews.

In one of the most iconic scenes, Macbeth is walking up to Lady Macbeth who is sitting in front of a white table dressed in white and surrounded by white. She can’t believe that this beautiful woman is here to look over her shoulder, and she asks him “is it an illusion?”

She is clearly confused about the way they are walking together and does not realize that the man standing in front of her is Lady Macbeth herself.

He says “no” and turns around, looking at this man in a complete confused state which clearly does not make sense to Lady Macbeth.

There is no confusion on her face for too long as she turns around and starts walking away just like in the previous scene. This makes her seem out of place. It is obvious she is not interested in Lady Macbeth.

Another funny scene in Ladies Wear is in the “fairy tale” scene where Macbeth is riding on top of Lady Macbeth and they are sitting at a table. The lady at first thinks he is just riding her, and then she realizes he must be the “Fairy Prince”.

The rest of the movie is just a bunch of scenes where she wants to talk to this Prince, or go to him, but the Prince turns the same way he always does, and does not seem to acknowledge her existence any more.

She goes to him as the fairy, and she

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