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Men in the 1920s didn’t show up to work with shirts that read ‘WOMEN’ with their initials. They had to stand in line, get into rooms, and wait for clothes to be washed. And if a man did manage to put his name on a shirt – with “S.S.,” “N.T.,” or “W.T.” or “T.M.” – it was reserved for a particular occasion rather than for everyday wear.

What about ’50s style?

In the 1950s, men became more open to wearing what seemed to be ‘outlandish’ clothes. In 1954, the National Retail Federation held a conference in Boston. Some of the conference participants wanted to put a woman’s head on a man’s chest in order to create a more contemporary ‘classic’ look. These proposals included a black jacket, a cap.

However, this would be the first time that women and men wore a ‘dressy’ color outside of everyday casual wear. For them, it was quite different. They weren’t interested in “the look.”

The reason for this is pretty obvious:


Before feminism, a woman in the 1920s was expected to be, well, a woman. She needed to dress, be the “housewife,” and have “the looks.” (And in some areas, her appearance was regulated to make sure this didn’t occur.)

Feminism brought a change in the role of the female body. Not only was a woman no longer required to be “the body” – she was now allowed to be “the look.” That is: the woman no longer had a place in the traditional role of woman.

Feminism was not in itself progressive. It was merely a way to change what was being required of women in the 1930s, so that women didn’t have to dress the same way as men in the 1930s.

As we continue to examine women’s fashion through the years, we learn that even from the 1940s forward, women and girls were often dressed “like men” and looked different from women of other races. Even the hairstyles of women in 1940s were different from women of other races.

But then again, that changes…

As mentioned above, in the 1940s, men were required to have “the looks.”

And when a woman is “the look,” she, of course, wears the same look in every

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