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The simple answer is that women in those days went to work with a variety of hats. In fact, a man’s hat should not be of one specific colour — one that fits the same style on his head at the same time — but a hat of various colours with matching or different logos or designs. (Here’s “How did I manage to wear my hair differently than in the ’20s?”)

Men would look forward to a weekend spent in the company of a family to show off their new hats — a change from working all alone in an office, or, better yet, with some company (or, if you were an artist, in a gallery or gallery school).

You would also probably have seen children sporting colourful hats — a style the word “hippie” came from. A man might go to the park with his kids and see that everyone else had a bright yellow or green bucket hat on. Kids, particularly girls, liked to wear hats.

Of course, hats were a luxury item for many men, who could afford to buy them. There was a certain amount of privilege with a hat, particularly in urban areas during the 19th Century.

While most men wore hats at home with a small collection of cloth and fabric, men also wore hats with coats, trousers, boots and shoes. Hats were made for many different reasons: to be more stylish as well as a way of protecting the head and protecting the neck. Men’s hats were also made to look good in the front. They can often look “like” trousers, and were worn even when there was no tie covering the lapel. This also meant that boys looked in their hats as if they were wearing trousers — they wore their hats down and were not wearing any trousers.

Men’s hats were usually made from velvet (not cotton) but in a wide variety of colours, including white, pink, lilac, green, yellow, black, brown and even red. The colors might include:

The American flag

A maple leaf

Tobacco leaf

A flower

An Indian headdress

A maple leaf (with a feather on each end)

The letters “USA”

A peacock’s beak

An Indian symbol (e.g., the peacock headdress)

A picture of someone’s family

This page will discuss these colours in particular, though hats were made of a variety of materials. Hats for each group of

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