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When you look at the clothing styles of the 1920s, it’s a very diverse time period. But what does that have to do with the politics?

The fact is, men in the 1920s were very concerned, with what they saw as their “manifest destiny” [to shape the future for themselves] — they wanted to get the job done, to be at work in the day, to be at home with their spouses at night. They wanted to wear their uniforms and keep their lives in order. But I don’t think they were really concerned with whether or not women should be allowed to wear pants or whether the women’s movement should have more of a presence in public life. So I don’t think that any of their ideas were geared toward that kind of agenda at all.

Are there any gender roles that came and went in the 1920s?

There were very few sex distinctions in men’s uniforms; women did wear dresses. There were many more than there are today, but in general, men got their jobs done — that’s certainly true in terms of the military. But I don’t think women really had an opportunity to get their voice heard or their rights taken seriously, and their rights certainly were not taken seriously by the male politicians. I think the women’s movement really came and went with these women who came out publicly and challenged the men’s politics.

What were the most important events of the 1920s?

I will pick the second World’s Fair [in Paris] and the second-most important event of the event was the creation of the Women’s National Home League, which was a national organization of women. A lot of different women came out and were able to get their ideas into the government and be able to do what they wanted.

[Women also] went into the workforce early, which was part of this new women’s equality movement in the United States, which was very revolutionary and different than the old, old American ideas of men and women working in equal partnership.

The second World’s Fair was also the last World’s Fair where many people, white women, could go wearing pants. I am not sure they ever got the chance to wear pants again in the 1920s, because a lot of these organizations that formed around this had to deal with the fact that their membership numbers were so low. So these were the women that were able to get their voices heard, and they were able to do a lot of things that had not been done

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