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The original black jeans, brown boots, and skinny brown jeans were always worn by real flappers, not by fashion designers,” said the magazine. “And it’s because the old-style shorts were never meant for the street. “But today’s flappers are dressing the way real flappers dressed during the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s! The new style is a mix of modern styles with vintage look to give it a retro feel.”

If your mother and I had the same clothes in the ’50s, we must have been close (Picture: SWNS)

The fashion magazine also revealed that flapper makeup was just as common back then as it is today. It claims that flappers used lipstick, eye shadow, and eye shadow pencils to create their looks so they couldn’t be identified by the clothes they wore at the time.

According to its editor, it was just one of the reasons that women wanted flapper style. ‘Women of their day, who weren’t as concerned with style and were more interested in what they were wearing than the other girls, wanted it to be a bit more ‘out there’. That’s all it was.’

As well as glamour, the new styles also have some practical uses. Like modern-day nail polish that uses glitter and holographic particles in the ingredients to blend colour into clothes.

Flapper style: A picture of one of the modern-day shades used in cosmetics (Picture: SWNS)

‘When we started our flapper fashion range, one of the first things we said to ourselves was how could we use glittering materials to enhance her makeup so she appeared more daring and more sophisticated,’ explained Mrs Daley.

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‘So we started to use metallic powders that are really hard to come by that would have shimmering particles inside. The first thing to come out on the shelf was a liquid, which was really shiny and glittery – but it had a strong scent so we stopped using it right away.

‘We’re constantly evolving, getting to try to take flapper looks and make them more sophisticated so that the real thing can still be worn – and be recognised for what it is rather than the glamour that we think it is.’

With over 700 flapper magazines in circulation across the world, it is no surprise that this fashion trend has been copied and re-loved by people all over the world.

A woman uses

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