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They looked much like flappers did in the 1800’s, as a real ‘dress club’ would have looked like. A real flapper dress would have been much wider than today’s flapper dress, so they would have had a lot of legs!

Are fashion magazines really such amazing sources of inspiration?

Absolutely! They’re often inspired by real life events. The first fashion magazine I read was Cosmo, written by Betty Page and Marilyn Monroe.

But that was from a period that was much earlier than today!

The first fashion show was shown in America in 1897! So, you can imagine those women looking at this ridiculous, cartoon image and thinking it was real!

So what makes a fashion magazine great?

They’re often great source of inspiration.

They often feature stories of real women who were fashion designers! They often illustrate the same themes. In fact, when I looked at one of the fashion publications I found one picture of a bride and groom for an event to my home and I had no idea there was a wedding coming up!

The pictures were shot from a balcony in the French Quarter in New Orleans. I’m amazed at a lot of the pictures I find and I found many that are incredible!

You can get to know the people involved in the design of a fashion magazine very well! The person who wrote the copy, did their best to craft the images and design of the magazine.

When you find something that’s really good about a magazine, you’ll feel connected to the people who have created it!

So what are some of the most memorable magazines you’ve come across?

There’s a magazine called Marie Claire. I’ve read it a couple of times. It’s about fashion and beauty but it also has quite a bit of advice about eating healthy! If you want to make your clothes last longer than they normally would, then this is the magazine for you!

You can always find great advice and insights into what it’s like to be a woman of fashion by visiting any magazine rack or bookshop!

What other magazines do you love?

The best magazines can be the ones that are based on real lives! There are so many good magazines about real life that are so inspiring and informative that it’s hard to find anything out there that’s not based on real life! I recommend looking at these!

What other tips do you have for women looking to find inspiration for their own

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