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T-shirts and sweat pants

We’ll start with the t-shirts and sweats at least, they were pretty popular in the 20s. They might look like they were made in China or Korea nowadays… I bet they really look very nice! They were made in such tiny sizes that it was hard to keep them in check, especially in the 50s.

We had a whole lot of little one piece suits because that’s how we always thought men wanted to wear their suits to wear them. For example if you go back to the 60s we had this whole range of suits, and we were the first to come out with a whole lot of them. A number of suits. You could walk into any department store in any town and there were a whole range of them.

I remember a lot of them were on the small men’s size, which is something I have a hard time with; a few of them were quite large and I wasn’t sure how a person was supposed to sit and wear them if they were such enormous little suits. They must have been around 25 inches tall! I don’t think they were that popular for a long time, I remember them just as a novelty, but at some point in the 70s, they took off…

And again, when you think back to the 50s you find that people were doing much more with their suits that they are doing now…

But it’s the same thing with women. Women dressed in a new way and for most of them it was a great time because men were going back to the old stuff and women were going back to the classic stuff.

The other part of it is that in the 70s there was another movement that really started when the US was occupied by Japan, which was the fashion of the period; it was called the “Americana”. They started putting on American hats and clothing, so you could say that it’s been American clothing going back to around 1910, but it was the Americana movement that really took off, because that was the period where the fashion really took off with those things.

Men, too, didn’t use to wear too much, the men were always comfortable, never had that kind of attitude about it, they put their suit on and were more comfortable than wearing shorts, which were quite slim at that moment. I remember there was about a year of winter in Japan.

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