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For the real thing

Cristy says: I always thought Gatsby’s clothes and style made him really attractive so I always thought of this outfit.

What do you think a lot of Gatsby’s clothes say about him?

I’m pretty sure his best shirts and ties say that he’s a rich man and a nice guy. But if you get him on a boat at Port Huron and take him to the ocean he says the same old boring little lies about all being well and getting on with his life and nothing ever really matters. So I guess we all need a good, warm, warm bath and a cool, cool, cool wind to cool us off.

What do you think it says when Gatsby goes down to the bottom of the ocean for a little swim?

“How am I going to keep these two together? I don’t know.” And it’s all he can do to make you take him with you in your arms to go for a walk in the sand.

Cristy says: I think what a lot of people see when Gatsby goes down to the bottom is his head turning to the water and staring out at you. It doesn’t make any sense to them, they’ve seen a lot of movies about this. “Who would swim with that guy?!?” They have all that “I thought he was handsome and I saw this and I liked this and I thought it was kind of neat too” or “What’s wrong with him that he would swim with a man like that!” It makes no sense in reality to anyone.

What about Gatsby at a playhouse or on stage?
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My first Gatsby experience

Cristy says: That was great. It was at a playhouse and it was a theatre group I went to with. There was a little “what kind of fun would he be having at this theater?” And I always figured we’d be out on the town for parties and he’d have to dress for it. Which I thought was great.

What makes a great scene?

A good scene

Cristy says: There are moments that I’ve read where Gatsby walks out and there’s a full orchestra and an audience standing round, cheering him. And then he says “This is perfect, the music in this theatre is perfect, I can’t believe I’m in love with you I can see you

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