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I like to wear an elegant dress with some of these great necklines and cinched waist; there’s no need for a long skirt for an evening gown. If you like short skirts for a night out, try a mini skirt like this one or this one. I hope you enjoyed this great list of sexy dresses for a Gatsby party!

The FBI is investigating the murder of 17-year-old Michael Brown, who was shot dead in Ferguson, Missouri. That’s the latest twist in the case, as the federal agency is now involved, though it’s unclear what the FBI will do.

At this point, the FBI hasn’t officially confirmed that an agent was on the scene, but the department has released photos. We’ve reached out to the department for a deeper dive into the photos, but have yet to hear back.

The shooting has already become a key story in our country — a story with a racial dimension. The Brown family has said that law enforcement officials were initially “silent” about the incident before eventually informing them. And as the city continues to deal with the aftermath of the shooting — the police chief also stepped down last week, and two police officers have been placed on administrative leave — the investigation has only grown more complex.

The FBI’s announcement didn’t come out of the blue — it was already confirmed that one investigator was at the shooting scene — but the FBI is one of the agencies investigating any crime, as NPR’s Don Gonyea reports:

The FBI is one of seven law enforcement agencies in the United States that conduct independent audits of law enforcement training to check that it includes diversity training. The agency has also launched an initiative to help police departments and other communities learn about the role of law enforcement in preventing hate crimes like those seen after the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last month. The FBI’s investigation into the incident in Ferguson, Mo., is being funded by a grant from the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division.

Meanwhile, the local police have continued to insist that the fatal shooting of Brown was justifiable and not a tragic accident. At a press conference in Ferguson on Saturday, police Chief Tom Jackson called Brown “legally unarmed and not posing a threat” and said that it’s “unfair and untrue to say that Darren Wilson shot [Brown] in the back.”

But what if Brown was? How would he have been shot, even if he wasn’t resisting? The video below from CNN provides a look at

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