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[Female voice] ‘Wear a flapper dress. You know what a flapper dress is? A dress that’s on the shoulder. In a way, it’s like a braid? The braid part’s kind of… [Male voice] ‘Wear a braid? A braid is just a little bit of cloth. A little bit of hair. So, the word for a flapper dress, I guess, is just “tailor’s coat.”
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What was your job at school in school, and who was your teacher? [Female voice] “Oh, I was a flapper’s apprentice.” [Male voice] “I was a flapper’s apprentice, uh, I guess.”

What is the name of a fictional character from your life? [Female voice] “I’m an aunt.” [Male voice] “I’m an uncle.”

What does your mother’s favorite pastime consist of? [Female voice] “Gathering and eating.” [Male voice] “Cooking.”

Who was the last member of your family to die? [Female voice] “We did it one time. Mom died, and her baby died, and my dad… died. He took his own life, and it took me a while to figure out he’d passed away.” [Male voice] “His baby, actually.”

What happens when you make a mistake in the kitchen? [Female voice] “Oh, this is terrible. This is bad.” [Male voice] “This is good.”

After the final presidential debate of the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump took to Twitter to offer a rare public response to Hillary Clinton’s description of his tax plans.

In a Twitter post the next morning, Trump appeared to walk back his vow to release his tax returns — the key issue in the campaign — during her final debate with him.

I made a promise to the American people, and I keep that promise. I will be releasing my tax returns during an absolutely open and rigorous audit. The audit is of my finances, not of my taxes. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 19, 2016

When asked about Trump’s statement to the New York Times that he would not be releasing his tax returns while an audit was underway, The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker asked him directly, “Wouldn’t you need an audit?” and Trump replied: “I’m not releasing my tax returns during an audit.”

Trump has denied the

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