What is a flapper girl? – 1920S Royal Blue Flapper Dresses Plus Size

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“Flappers” are people in their teens who dress in traditional European flapper style. Flap-jackets, flapper dresses, and a variety of jewelry make flappers very stylish, and usually popular with school-age students. They are also known as ‘the girls in the back of the room.’

1. Serenade for the Girl in the Back of the Room

This is an old-fashioned classic that has been around since the early 1900s, especially in New England. The Serenade was written by author Thomas J. Finley. Finley also invented the fiddle and organ – both played live in the front of the club. In Serenade for the Girl in the Back of the Room :

“The little girl who stood at the back of the room

In flannel and a flop-bucket

Tapped her flappers softly, made music

And sang in one song: ‘Oh, my doll! Come here, darling, come here, darling!’

The flapper girl in the back of the room

Kissed her sweetie, kissed her doll as she came

To play with the little doll’s toys.”

2. The Wop

“A little-known dance to the tune of ‘You Gotta Laugh’ with the song, ‘Wop.’ In a more modern twist, in this version, a little boy in a wacky costume gets to perform the dance that originated in the 1880’s.” The Wop in the Woproom: One More Thing To Learn About Flappers

3. Dances in the Olden Days

From the 1940s to the 1970s, the Wop was a popular dancing movement, popular with the dancers at the Whittington’s Theatre. Here is a quote from the Dance at the Olde Olde Woproom
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“If the dance has been taken out of the ‘Whittington’s’ and is now performed in any old school, where it goes with the dance and does not get in the way, it is called a ‘Whittington’s Dance.’

4. The Flapper Dance – Fletch (New England)

The Flapper Dance in Fletch (New England) is a popular dance at the Wyndham’s club. It is now a staple at the Wyndham’s dance troupe. It is now called “Fletch.” From the article in The

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