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September 26, 2020 0 Comments

No, it’s not a Gatsby song! It’s a song that’s about someone who loves to party, and who’s good at it. I wanted the songs to be a little bit more laid-back, and a little bit more casual, something easy to hear. It’s not supposed to be a big hit. It’s just a song to get people dancing to. A little dance is a good thing. It just says, like, “Get over here. Gather around, and join us for a party!”

A lot of dance songs sound great, but there’s very little creativity.

I’m always trying to push my audience to be creative, and that’s what’s fun about this song. We wanted it to be fun, and to make people think. I’m just saying, “Oh, I like making a good dance song, why don’t you like dancing?” It doesn’t matter. It just means we care about your dancing.

You had to pay your staff a minimum of $15 an hour. What was it like working for a living at MGM under contract, and did you know they were giving you a pay break once they were out of contract?

Not even $15 an hour? It was less than that. I worked for MGM when it was just two or three studios in L.A. We had eight people at MGM. It was still very hard to move into one of these, like any other business. We would have to hire a whole team to do each single assignment, like making sure our people understood the whole process and how the company worked. So they had to pay these people at least minimum wage.

How did you get that contract to do all these jobs, especially the first three or four ones you did?

We started in L.A. We started with a company, an agent, and two dancers at a time who were working with me. They had a contract with a company called W&M. They were one of two companies doing dance. And they were doing this in front of this large audience and the press. And we were all in the press all the time and were going to do so much that they were all in the middle of it. I had four of my people in the press at one moment. One of them was just running after us and was yelling and yelling, “Why don’t you just have a job that helps you do this?”

The other thing is I had a group

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