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The name Gatsby comes from an article about a wealthy couple who lived in his home state.

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“At all the parties, he said you should drink the Gatsby, because you live where they live…and you drink the Gatsby, because they drink your wine. His words, anyway.

“This is not an attempt at satire: I’m just saying there’s a certain degree of truth to these things.

“Gatsby’s one of my favourite people because he always says the truth when he tells it.”

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In the early 1960s, some of the most influential people in the world would go to an underground club, dance, and get smashed, as if they never left. With the Beatles and the Rolling Stones on hand to record their records, Paul McCartney and George Harrison would make sure their songs were heard and respected even when they weren’t playing. But this was still far from the norm — back then, rock and roll was still a relatively new concept, and the “new sound” was still very much in flux.

A band like the Rolling Stones had to go and prove themselves to the crowds they would meet in the clubs. To do that, they would play songs that would be very different from what was commonly popular at the time, including The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, as well as the more experimental Blue Ivy. In addition to that, the Stones also had to experiment with their sound to find what would work on the radio — many songs by the time of their 1969 album Revolver were written while they were staying at a beach house in Hawaii or at a hotel in France.

But perhaps even more than anything else, the band had to make sure that their music sold. To that end, they had to prove that they would be a commercial rock band and a successful one. In order to do that, The Rolling Stones would constantly work on their sound.

After all, the Stones were the perfect band at the perfect time — and, as it turns out, just the thing that would allow the new sound to come into the limelight faster than anyone had anticipated it would.

Here are three songs and their origins that you may have never heard before. These songs were written during the Stones’ first tour — they were originally made before they even

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