What is a petting party in the 1920s? – Unique Vintage Peacock Flapper Dress

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There were lots of parties to look after pets. In the 1920s, there were lots of people who owned animals, so it was very popular to have a petting party. A popular time was from about 1910 to 1920.

You’ll find lots of articles about this at the Museum of Victorian Life and Culture

What was the most famous petting party?

The most famous petting party was the one of the famous Mrs Tompkins at the Stirling Castle Petting Zoo . There were 2 petting parties going on at that time. One was in 1913, the other one in 1920. Both parties involved about 50 people.

There is another interesting article about this at the Museum of Victorian Life and Culture.

What year was Stirling Castle Petting Zoo built?

This is a question asked on the Petting Zoo website.

The only way to answer this question is if you go to the site and click on ‘My site’ and click on the ‘Build site’ button in the top right. On that page you will find a description of the history of the zoo. Then you can click on ‘Stirling Castle Petting Zoo (in)history’. This description of the zoo itself describes the building of Stirling Castle Petting Zoo, the zoo grounds, and of course a few interesting things about the building, for instance, how it was supported to the ground by a chain link fence.

What type of animals were found in the Stirling Castle Petting Zoo?

Many exotic animals were also found in the Stirling Castle Petting Zoo. This included kangaroos and kangaroo dogs. The kangaroo dogs had large heads, and their necks were attached to their backs with wire. There were also kangaroo monkeys and possums. The animals which I have found the most interesting were possums, which were usually large. The possums had big round black eyes, and some of them had ears on the end of their heads, and they have a very long tail! The large black eyes, pointed nose and long tail were all very attractive animals.

The kangaroos were also large with high cheek bones. If a kangaroo moved around or turned its head, the head would sometimes break the skin over several times. The kangaroos were considered to be very good companions. If a kangaroo became sick or injured, the owner would tie a rope around its neck, and pull it

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