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Pets were seen in social circles, at parties, and even in family life. But it was only by the 1990s that these parties became an important social event – and for many pet owners this was a very happy moment.

There are petting parties now everywhere, in countries everywhere, from Iceland to Australia. But what is the significance of them? They are a way for people to express affection and express their love and affection for these big animals.

The origins of pets petting parties go back to the 19th century – they were a social ritual for a woman who had a pet pig, when she didn’t have a man. She would invite all her friends and family, who came round to join her. You can see the pictures and stories of these gatherings for yourself in the archives at our Petting Party Archive.

What has happened now? I guess it’s kind of ironic that we’re seeing the resurgence of these occasions now. They are very popular these days.

The reason why petting parties became popular is because of the rise of the pet shop.

Now, we can buy a pet in any pet store. It’s easy, it’s inexpensive and we can pet each other all the time, and we can talk, we can have tea and chat or play and play games with the animals too.

But back then, we had a whole section of people who would have to organise a party for their pet pig. Many people would go to the pet shop, and there would be parties. There were parties for horses, dogs, cats… and in the days that were there, it was very popular.

So now, this is the modern day version – people are interested in the animals, and they are interested in having the animals pet them.

I wonder if you could find some of these images.

The archives are open for people to view. We have plenty of things of course. There’s hundreds of images that people have asked us to show. But if we could find a good one, perhaps I would be able to add it to the archive, and it would be on the website too.

In the early 1900s, the petting party could mean different things. In some countries, it means having a picnic at your neighbours’ house. In some countries it means going to the pub. In the modern day version, it means that your pet can be petted by other pets. This has now become a social event

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