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Well, for those who don’t know, Gatsby is the story of a white, wealthy businessman who is not exactly a friend of the people. He thinks they are all thieves, criminals who deserve what they get – and who will do whatever it takes to get it. The book is also about, well, greed. As much as he thinks he’s a philanthropist, he gets way too caught up in his own image and, well, the money.

The Gatsbys are known for being rich and not the most considerate of people. Their main home is in a big mansion in NYC, with its own pool, gardens and other facilities, but they are not actually very rich. Not that you can blame Gatsby either as he seems to have taken an attitude towards a lot of people who aren’t his. However, it’s his constant disregard for the feelings and opinion of others that gets him in trouble and that makes him a potential psychopath and, later on, a criminal. The way he talks, his manner of dress, and his attitude that he tries to hide, makes Gatsby seem like the perfect guy to get what he thinks he wants – which is usually just what happens.

The main character in the story is Nick Carraway, a young lawyer who is just starting his career, while also running a law firm. He is also pretty much a stereotypical rich white guy, if you ask me. He comes from a wealthy background and thinks it’s normal to make the most out of his gifts at any cost. But he is also a very flawed, sensitive young man who is deeply in love with the woman that he is, and she knows he is, or at least wants to be, the man she married.

But things go south for Nick very quickly as he begins to realise that he’s living the American dream and what he could have, if he only had a wife and kids. So he moves across the country to start a business, Gatsby-Carras Law Firm. In the beginning all the focus is on the law firm and its clients, but then what starts is a lot of intrigue from the first couple of books. It’s a very complex story and, while the story may seem like an easy plot, it’s a lot of people trying to do different things.

This makes the story very complex. While you may not be able to keep track of all the events, you will feel like you are in the novel,

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