What is Marcelled hair? – 1920S Gatsby Flapper Dress

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Marcelled hair is the hair growth from a particular part of the hair.

What kind of hair does Marcelled hair normally grow out of? Marcelled hair may be found from the head down to the feet. It may also grow out of the neck, shoulder and leg muscles.

Do Marcelled hair grow when I am pregnant? Marcelled hair usually grows for several weeks after you have had sex. Many women also notice that the hair gradually grows in volume to about 16% of the length of the hair when their pregnancy ends.

Can Marcelled hair grow from cut or dyed hairs? Marcelled hair can always be dyed to any length, but not cut or dyed hair. You may have hair from a different part of the head but it may not be cut, dyed or combed (stitched or plied) as it is usually.

How long does Marcelled hair grow? Hair tends to stay this length throughout a woman’s pregnancy and beyond her due date. Hair grows in a similar manner in all parts of the body and can be checked as you get older.

Is hair usually trimmed or styled during pregnancy ? No, hair is usually left to grow naturally, as shown in the photographs below.

How long will you need to cut your hair? You will need to trim a few days before the mid-pregnancy cut to help with the volume and shape of the hair you find by cutting.

How long will I need to wash my hair before it grows back? Hair grows in the spring months (from the 1st week of March to the 27th day of August). A few days before the beginning of the following summer you will want to shampoo your hair (for better results) and trim (for better shape) it. If the volume needs to be cut it will have to be done within two months.

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