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September 20, 2020 0 Comments

(Hint: it’s not white). How often would their outfits change? (Hint: it’s not that often). Where did their costumes come from? (Hint: it’s not at the mall; it’s usually in a trunk!). We went to the mall to investigate.

The first thing we noticed is that while flappers had a range of dress sizes, many women weren’t familiar with many of them—or anything in particular, really. They had costumes that varied with every season and decade, and many wore only one or two. And they often wore hats or hats and a skirt that was too high or short.

And they had a range of hairstyles, too. Some women may have been wearing one particular hairstyle for their whole life. Others could have just discovered or picked up a new hairstyle before they turned 50.

They had a range of colors, too. They wore bright colors, blue jeans with bright red buttons, a bright t-shirt, and a bright yellow or bright green coat. Some had a bold color pattern that was very bold or bright, including bright colors in their hair, eyes, and in their shoes. The more you look, the more interesting and surprising they are. But we also found a large range in hair styles.

One of the more common lookologies we saw was simple (i.e., no more than one, often no more than three; most of them had just two). This was the traditional style that was popular with flappers and others at that time.

But we noticed that there were so many different variations on it that we often couldn’t see what a flapper looked like wearing a different style. There were many combinations in how they decorated their hair, and they wore many hairstyles in their hair that didn’t fit anywhere into any of those typical patterns.

So we started our search for patterns that were consistent with flapper style and with patterns that indicated the flapper had spent some time and dedication to getting those looks together. We looked at all the patterns we could find on women’s magazines, in books and in photographs, and on social media.

We also looked at what clothing had been worn by women in the 1920s and ’30s—specifically during this time.

It wasn’t easy to sift through all this information and come up with patterns—or patterns that indicated who was wearing what—but we eventually did. For example, we noticed a pattern that showed

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