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What color was red?

If a picture of a red-headed woman would be all your favorites, what redness would you prefer and which one did you own?

The Flappers of the time were really pretty and in the photos they are shown with their hair tied up and not in a bun. They really do have a lot of colorful dresses and hats. If they are in a photo and it says “Flatties” at the bottom you can bet there was a whole bunch in there or a big stash. You didn’t have to walk so far to find them!

Who were the Flappers?

Who were the queens?

What did they wear?

Which dress did they wear?

The flappers had so many different kinds of dresses including strapless, dresses, halter tops, cocktail dresses, halter tops, pleated dresses, pleated halter tops, halter tops, strapless halter tops, tassels, and other patterns that they wore on top of dresses. Some wore hats too like some of them had feather boa’s or pixie hats like the flapper girls did.

Who was the best woman in the world?

The best woman in the world were called Flappers. I mean in real life they are called ladies or women, not women! There was a lot of love and affection for them in other women’s minds. These women were the top of the world, the best. These women were great to have around, so they became a kind of celebrity. They were people’s first look at a new fashion. They were the best.

There were a lot of other things you found out in real life. I mean if anyone ever tells you they’re going to be a Flapper and they’re not, then you’re wrong!

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I remember one guy who was really into the music and the girls’ clothes and he came to my father’s house when I was little. We talked about the girls and I didn’t know they had flappers who were so much better than him. If someone talked to you about flapper girls, you were probably going to talk about them. They were better looking and looked great.

What kind of dresses did they have?

Flams were flaxen shirts and dress pants and they had flaps to wear over tops and tassels attached to a belt like a pleated coat.

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