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Wearing jewelry was a bit harder to define than a lot of people are willing too. One flapper in New York said, “My jewelry was everything I could ever want to find.” It was anything that made the wearer appear to be in a hurry or that made them appear to be busy. Like how flapper wear often involves the use of hats on women and skirts at men.

Many flapper outfits that are out there today are very simple and are based on this image. They are so pretty because they are well designed and can be easily made. They all seem to be well cut but not too complex as to overwhelm the shopper.

A Flapper Outfit

Some of the most popular, most sought after flapper outfits are based on simple and stylish clothing styles that are also worn by young people at the time that they were founded. You will find pictures of fashionable flappers on Pinterest as well as other websites. There are also more contemporary fashion designers such as Michael Jackson who created some of the very classic fashion designs that we often look at today.

These were some of the images that I found on these websites. These are the pictures that were popular during the 80s and 90s when I grew up.

The Flapper Outfit I find on Pinterest
Roaring 20s Costumes- Flapper Costumes, Gangster Costumes

Flapper Fashion – Images from the 80s and 90s

One of the more popular images of early flapper women and also men were the photos that were taken at fashion shows held at the Fashion Plaza in New York. There were many people that participated in these shows in the 1970s and 80s.

What was considered chic then was what was considered fashionable today. Many of these pictures were taken at the Fashion Plaza by models that were usually high school or college students. These are the pictures shown in a post by Tanya Mancuso who is a professional photographer. I have included one example here which was taken during Fashion Island in 1981 when that area was known as Fashion Island.

Many women wore short skirts and tight tops, often with big corsets. Some of these women also sported high hats. These pictures also show an important detail – the hairstyle was often quite long with a side part that resembled pom poms. These are pictures taken during the early 80s and are probably pictures from the ’80s and ’90s.

As a child I never knew I had this image in my imagination. As an adult, being able to imagine a

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