What kind of shoes did they wear in the 1920s? – Flapper Costume Plus Size

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They had long, thick, high cuffs, narrow boots and short, tight high slits, to emphasize a woman’s butt or thighs. A woman’s shoe size may have influenced her dress in the 1920s. A woman’s shoe size was in the middle of the women’s sizes of the years 1869 to 1930. To determine your shoe size, first determine the shoe size of your current shoe or boot size (see How to Measure to find out your shoe size). Your shoe size is in inches. Using this information, measure your current foot to the top of the heel below the arch of your foot, which is about 1/2 inch. That’s how you measure your shoe size: Measure your foot to the top of the heel. The best way to measure the top of your foot is through socks or pants. On a good day, you can use a wooden ruler. Place the ruler on the ground just below the top of your arch. On a bad day, the ruler may rest on your thigh, or on your leg. Note in the photo below which side of your foot is closer to the ruler. Measure the number of inches down from here to the bottom of the bottom of the bottom half of your foot. This is called your foot bottom measurement, just like the measurement of an inch you would use for an inch measurement. The measurement of your foot bottom is usually between 1/4 to 3/16 inch, because it is not very accurate at all.
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Step 4: Now you can measure your foot. Use your shoe size as your foot bottom measurement. Now measure from the top of your heel down to your heel. Measure a little wider on your heel than in the photo below. (Make sure your heel is centered on your foot.) Measure around the widest part of your foot with your shoe size, which is often between the second and fourth knuckle of your foot (the second or fourth metatarsal). Measure a little narrower toward the inside of your feet (the second metatarsal). Measure again around the widest part of your foot with your shoe size. That’s 2 or 3 inches more. Make sure your shoes and boots have the correct sizing on them in order to determine the exact size that works best for your feet. Note: If you have a tight fit, you could be trying to go a little taller in your step. Don’t worry about getting to the exact size! You are just trying to get it exactly the right size. Step 5: Your shoe height will be about your

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