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We’ll take them for granted, it was 1920’s and everything.”
At the very least, the idea that they might have been able to afford to own a pair of shoes from the period is certainly worthy of a chuckle.
What we do know, though, is that they were a very special kind of shoes for that time. There’s also the matter of their price. According to an article from the Chicago Tribune in 1910 , the same day the shoe became an article of clothing for men, the cost of a pair was $2.50, or $10/pair for men and $6/pair for women.
Now, some of you reading this may think that the article is about a fashion trend or the like. It’s not. It’s about a pair of shoes which cost $10/pair in 1910. While those shoes may not be as comfortable as your average pair of vintage men’s sneakers, they definitely weren’t as expensive. The average pair of men’s shoes for the 1910s was a little less than $5.00. These shoes did seem to be a bit more expensive than the shoes we see today, at least for that year.
It’s also fair to point out that, at the time, these shoes weren’t really as popular amongst women as many believe. The shoes were simply too stylish for women to consider purchasing (if they were aware of the issue to begin with). In fact, I’d dare say that women would have preferred to own something more comfortable and fashionable than something so much more expensive.
So as we look forward to more items from our upcoming Vintage Mule Collection: “The Mule” from the 1930’s, I’m wondering if we’ll find something of a matching pair?

This article is written by guest author Mark Loughnane

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