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Who will tell the truth? I think I’d be surprised if any of the stories are true. One of them even is kind of hilarious.

It’s so funny, the way you would put in the phone and the phone would go to voicemail, but then you’d get a long message on the other end of the line. And you would hear nothing for a few minutes because you never got a second message. Then they would have to go get the voicemail, but then you’d get a different phone message that would never say voicemail. The story is that this guy called his wife’s name; he took the phone to voicemail. I don’t know why that’s important, if she wasn’t dead.

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We can’t stop our phones ringing. We keep the internet up (and on our machines) and read news, but a new form of surveillance makes it hard to get our heads around.

An app called Fuse has been built using 3D models of the phones we use to check voicemail. That’s not your average call-tracking app—Fuse takes apart every phone it can find, and it scans the inside of the device for the serial numbers on the SIM cards. In this way, it can spot what’s inside it.

It can even see what’s under the SIM card, and scan that to see if any of the numbers are familiar.

Fuse scans just about every phone sold today, and is more accurate and user-friendly than more common methods. This might help, but it’s not going to make much use of your home-made mobile tower.

It’s a fascinating technological advance that might be useful for some purposes. For instance, it might make it possible to figure out where a particular user is at any given time. It’s certainly possible to do this by calling his home, or an airport terminal.

In theory, Fuse could let you track a user back to an exact location, though the process takes a long time and it might actually be better to go offline.

Here is how Fuse works: Each day, when the device scans for new phones, Fuse generates a list of serial numbers for every device connected to that handset, and saves them in a database that’s shared with a mobile network operator.

As you swipe into your phone, it also tries to find SIM cards that match the serial numbers in the database. If it finds a match, it scans the SIM card, and that

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