What shoes go with a flapper dress? – 20S Flapper Dress Transparent Dresses

September 6, 2020 0 Comments

The answer to this question must be: ‘The shoe with the most heels’. That, my friends, is the truth as we know it.

To begin with, there are only three places you can purchase an actual pair of flats: the mall, the beach and, most importantly, the shoe store.

Which shoe will go with a flapper dress? Well, it depends.

In this article, we’re only looking at high-heeled footwear, but the answer lies in the style, color, size and overall shape of the shoe.

Here are the main elements of the top three common flats.


The top three flats that go with a flapper dress are red, black and pink.

And no, not blue.

Red and black are the most popular choices in the US, where the dresses are typically full of red jewels. For American flappers, the red and black flats are the classic pair.

For American flappers, they are also considered a classic “dressy” shoe. You’ll need to pair the red and black flat with dresses that are “dressy” in color. If you want to get really fancy, or a dress designed to look like a skirt, you’ll want to look at dresses with no color in them.

Red (and black) Flats

There are several different colors that can be found on a red flat.

Red is actually a very warm color, so red flats can be worn even when the weather gets cold. That’s why, when buying a red flat, it’s essential to choose a size that fits you fairly well, since this will be a very large size. Red will also fit right in most tops – the same way that black will.

However, because most flats are black, you can still wear a red one and don’t have to worry as much about your color, since you won’t probably be wearing any.

Pink is another great way to go if you want to go dark. Pink flats are not as popular in the US, but they’re definitely on the radar of American flappers. However, because a pink flat is very similar to a blue flat, it can’t be paired with a red flat for the same reasons that a red flat couldn’t be paired with a black flat.

Finally, black is very dark, and if you’re going with a black flat, a white one will be enough.

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