What shoes go with a flapper dress? – 5X Flapper Dress

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A couple of pairs—especially if you’re wearing it as a graduation outfit.
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A pair of lace-ups at a shop in the summer are perfect for something classy with a flapper slant.

Dresses that are pretty in a low-cut, low-slung way. Not too casual or too dressy.

Tuxedo shorts

If you’re thinking of wearing a pair of fitted tees with some flappy buttons, then go with a tuxedo jacket.

In the summer, this is the best way to go—you want something with some color.

If you are trying to look stylish, wear a loose-fitting shirt. If you’re trying to dress stylish, keep it clean.

If you’ve decided on what to wear—here’s a few places to get your shoes:

Men’s department at Macy’s and department store Nordstrom.

At the Polo Grounds shoe store on South Orange Avenue in Orange Park. You can also go to Walgreens near where you’re going to school.

At a pair of shoe shops on Broadway.

At a shoe store near the mall.

The second-most important part of a flapper ensemble is the dress. A good-fitting, casual dress with a button-up collar and nice dress shoes are best.

The shoes should match the dress.

If you don’t want to go out to buy your shoes, you can always just borrow some shoes from your parents or a friend.

If you have trouble finding a good-fitting dress in the off-season, you can always buy pants from an antique, thrift store. You can get several different styles of pants that are the same fabric, cut, and length, and they have the same silhouette and fit.

These are the best flapper pants:

Innisfree’s flapper pants ($30 for the small and $100 for the large)

Woolworth’s flannelette skirt ($29.95)

Kara Louise in white ($35 for the large and $55 for the small)

Loro Piana leather skirt ($34)

Dressy skirts

With a sexy skirt, you can make a statement.

As a flapper, you want to look glamorous wearing a short skirt, but if you’re trying to go for something more feminine, get a skirt that fits.


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