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(1936) (from Flapper Dress)

A flapper dress is a short, open, very fitted dress to show your legs, which can be either cut short (corset-like) or wide (waist-like). You can buy one or two, but most will probably be made with a waistband. The length or cut of a flapper dress can change depending on the style.

Why do they flop around all the time?

There are three main problems with flapping around like that:

It’s not very comfortable. A flapper dress can be quite tight, as well as looking odd in general.

It’s not very flattering. The shape doesn’t allow for good movement of your body, which will make you look very flat.

The fabric is not very high and elasticity can make it very difficult to adjust it once you’ve got it on.

It’s too long. For a standard style with a slightly wider bodice and a higher waist, this might be reasonable, but a flapper dress with a shorter bodice will be much more comfortable.

The standard wide flapper dress, like this one pictured from the late 1970s, was cut quite simply.

Flapper dresses can become quite elaborate, like this one from the late 1950s, or even longer if you take into account the waistband (and not the high-waisted version, which is much easier).

To see how a modern version would look, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Flapper Styles

Flapper dresses are the main type of flapper style that will be seen in magazines, online and in pubs, cinemas, nightclubs, as well as on magazine covers. The style started being called flapper when it was introduced to the UK, though the word was only used in the US and Britain as a catch term. The first US edition of American Vogue magazine used the style as its article title!

There is no one right way to flapper – there are many different ways to wear the flapper dress, and each comes with its own merits and faults. Flappers will look different depending on where they start, and where they end up.

How to dress to flapper style

Flapper dresses are not a single, standard thing that people should be wearing. There are lots of ways to dress to flapper style, and it’s often best to stick with one or

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