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August 13, 2020 0 Comments

I was told that the flapper dress was invented around 1935 from a long white coat and a white pantsuit. I was told the long white coat came later so the invention was made before 1935. I was told it was made so no one would know who invented it. I was told it wasn’t invented at all! But I was told that because it was short, everyone thought it was so awesome they even wore it with short skirts and white clothes so they could say “it’s not so awful the long white coat can wear them too”. Is this a new invention in the making? Or is this just another version of the same old story?

There are so many different origins and origins for that story. Let me know what you think…

PATNA: For an elderly woman, the worst fear has come true as her neighbours on Kadalai road in Patna, Bihar, have refused to help her out by allowing her to use the road.

Mamta, a resident of the Baghpat area in Baraharpur, said she got angry when she was informed that people from this area would be denied permission to use the road by having their houses located on the other side of the road.

It was after that she went to the officials of this road. “I told them that I don’t understand why my house has to be on the other side of road. They said I could use my own lane and the officials would then take orders. Unfortunately I haven’t got any help,” she said, not giving her name.

A video released on Friday shows a group of people beating a man after he broke up a fight involving a number of women.
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In the video, which was shot on Wednesday, one man is seen punching another after the two start fighting. Other men can be seen surrounding the group of males on the porch just a few feet away.

The man in the video can be heard saying, “I told you so, you’re going to end up broke by now.”

The video, shot by the man’s friend in the group, shows what appears to be other women joining in the attack.

The victim in the video, who is identified as a man, tells the man that he is “getting beat up” and asks them to stop. He tells the women that he has his “bitch” back.

The attacker claims they aren’t attacking each other but are “fighting.” He says, “You need to

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