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She may have even been the first flapper who was flapper dress (she is shown in the picture below with the flapper dress in her hand and in the background). Flapper dresses are characterized by their long sleeves and short skirts. The dress is usually worn by many women in order to draw attention away from the woman’s chest. The dress is not meant to be worn at all by the wearer, as it is not practical to do so. If a woman wants to become more glamorous, like a high-class flapper, she should adopt a high-quality outfit instead of a flapper one. Also, to protect her modesty she should always wear only the kind of dress which is intended to attract attention.

Also the origin of this dress has a little bit of a mystery.

Why did Flapjack invent flapper dress?

According to Wikipedia, the designer was an American immigrant from Louisiana named Elsie C. Parker, who was born on 3 January 1787, in the United States and died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 15 January 1918.

Flapjack invented the Flapper Dress as it was fashionable and appropriate at the time. According to Wikipedia, “the word flapper is derived from the French word ‘flap’, which means to flutter, fling the garment to the side, and hence flapper as the dress of many fashionable women in 18th and early 19th-century America. It was also a popular nickname for a woman who was especially fashionable and fashionable.”

Flapjack didn’t just look good (see picture here).

It was very convenient!

Flapper dresses were very stylish. In fact the most fashionable dress (besides the wedding dress) in 1865 was a purple flapper dress and later on in the 1880s they were a bright pink dress. Flapper dress was a beautiful look as you can see above – all the ladies who were very fashionable at that time wore this dress.

Even today, it is still fashionable to wear a flapper dress (with a little creativity) but most of the times people wear something else. If you are interested to learn the history of flapper dress, take a look at the flapper dress photo gallery.

Flapper dress in history

According to Wikipedia,:

Flapper dresses were popular among women from the mid 19th century up to the 1920s. This is because American women were in dire need of fashionable clothing following the

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