Who made the flapper dress? – 1920S Flapper Dress Historical Pictures Of Indianapolis

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The one by which a woman should always be clothed. The one that, when the wind blew in, a woman should have kept in her lap to put the warmth into her breast. That one from whose hand one should hold one’s purse (as in this picture) when the wind blew. It has been said that a woman should be careful not to put on too much of such things, but should, on the other hand, follow the general custom of men, in which the whole thing is put on as a matter of course in the morning, and when the wind comes in then the thing is put off; for the wind is a good thing, but it is the thing in the morning by which the wind is held by the woman’s hand. The reason why the wind blows in this manner is that it brings out the fragrance, that is, the perfume, of the linen dresses worn by women.

“And a third thing will be the flapper’s dress. This is the only garment worn by a flapper, as a woman must go about wearing nothing else, except whatever is left of the men’s dresses, which the wind may toss about in the air.

“We must look at the clothing of a man and a woman, and we have seen in the world some things in which men use their garments far more than women. The men wear jackets, hats, trousers, and the women their veils of a garment, which they wear over the shoulders of their breeches. Now, if men do not wear their veils over their shoulder-coats, it is, therefore, for them no great loss, since there are no women who have more delicately shaped hair than themselves. And it is because they have such finely shaped hair that they do not have to use them for anything else, and that they use their coats for coats and their hats for hats.

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“What are the most elegant and comfortable garments worn in the world? I have already described one thing, that which brings out the fragrance, the perfume of the linen dresses of the women, which are so finely shaped that one cannot see inside them. And the most graceful and comfortable garments, indeed, in this sense, are the long, narrow skirts of the men, and the long and elegant skirts of the women.

“Men also have the most elegant coats and jackets and skirts, and the most expensive silken garments, such as can be found among us. They are distinguished in many ways; for their coats are

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