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In a nutshell, we know who did it—and I’d be happy to show you the work of the woman who did it and the reason we like it so much. Her name is Patricia Johnson-Freeman and she lives in California or Mexico or somewhere in between: she doesn’t want to say where, or why, or why any of us got so into it. That’s not the point, though: here’s an example of one very particular flapper’s dress—and please take your eyes off her. All the work on this page is not meant to be pornographic. They’re not trying to sell you to the world that she’s naked, and the flappers aren’t trying to sell you something—or something she’s sold. In other words, we’re hoping people will stop with the whole “flapper” thing, and start thinking about the woman who made it. And that’s a good place to start. So, when Johnson-Freeman told us what she made, we were interested—and in some cases, I suspect, a little scandalized. “No one would see this and say, ‘Oh, her,’ the way she makes you look, but you’d see the kind of dress she has, and you’d see how you can make the flapper look right.” What does a flapper look like? The “flapper” is the woman with the clothes and the flapper dress in the middle, the one walking around your front yard in nothing but a pair of low-cut blue jeans and a long skirt with a bow. But in the photographs I’ll show you, she’s dressed just like any other woman, wearing slacks and long-sleeved shirts that look like they’re pulled right off of a man’s chest. She’s a person, she’s not a flapper. The people with the flapper dresses are sometimes a little older than the picture, but for the most part they’re in their late twenties, early thirties—and even many of the young women have been going to college or going through graduate school for a while now. And many of them, as I showed you, have had a lot of practice—the flapper dresses are all in their hand-me-down style; they’re not like the stuff you would see in a thrift shop. Many of them wear glasses, and many of them use them regularly. All of them work—or at least look a little like working—and some even look good on the job.
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